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About Hyperion Pictures
Hyperion Pictures has for 25 years been a leading independent producer of youth and family live-action and animated feature films, television, and DVD-premiere programming.

Hyperion recently completed the musical romantic comedy MARIGOLD (Reliance ADA Group), filmed in India and starring Ali Larter and Salman Khan. Hyperion is next producing Willard Carroll's psychological thriller CRAWL.

With its feature film BEBE'S KIDS (Paramount), Hyperion was the first company to focus on producing ethnically diverse animation. Together with Bruce Smith, Hyperion formed Jambalaya Studio to produce such multi-cultural animated projects as THE PROUD FAMILY (Disney Channel), HAPPILY EVER AFTER: FAIRY TALES FOR EVERY CHILD (HBO), and BOOM CREW (Kids' WB).

Hyperion's past live-action and animated productions include PLAYING BY HEART (Miramax), the BRAVE LITTLE TOASTER animated movie series (Disney), TOM'S MIDNIGHT GARDEN (BBC/HBO), KILLING MR. GRIFFIN (NBC), THE ADVENTURES OF TOM THUMB & THUMBELINA (Miramax), THE TANGERINE BEAR (Lionsgate), LIFE WITH LOUIE (Fox), ROVER DANGERFIELD (Warner Bros.), FAMILY DOG (NBC), Maurice Sendak's NUTCRACKER (Paramount), and THE OZ KIDS (Paramount).